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Our Services
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Oil, acrylic, and watercolour paintings, charcoal and pastel drawings - any two dimensional art can be reproduced with stunning accuracy. We unconditionally guarantee you will be satisfied with the results.
Digital Fine Art, true innovators in archival fine art printing, are creating museum quality Giclée prints for artists, photographers, museum archives and gallery exhibitions


The concept of "edition" is basic to the world of serial art. It is the LIMITED EDITION which permits printmakers and collectors to agree upon what is an original art print and what is a reproduction. A LIMITED EDITION is defined as a high quality reproduction of an original work of art that are numbered individually with the total number of the reproduction given (i.e. 5/300). LIMITED EDITIONS are printed on high quality stock and are signed and numbered by the artist and/or the publisher. Once the edition is sold out (i.e. 300), no more limited edition prints of that image can be produced which is what can make the print valuable on the resale or "secondary market". We assure the authenticity of our prints by issuing a 'Certificate of Authenticity'


Scanning is the most important step in creating high quality prints - without a good file, a Giclée printer is just an overpriced ink jet. We use the Nikon Super Coolscan 8000 ED which produces drum-scanner results up to the file size of 350MB. We also use the Epson Perfection 4800 Photo flatbed scanner for large format films and non photographic material.



We also offer the service to take high quality photographs of your artwork. This will be done with Contax 645 middle format cameras all equipped with high quality Carl Zeiss lenses or with the Toyo 4 "x5" large format camera with Nikon lenses. You can choose from transparencies, negative and hand processed black & white films.




For the discerning photographer we produce high quality prints on photo paper or fine art paper from Hahnemühle. The customer can choose from high-glossy, photo satined, lustre and semi-matt papers. Very interesting for portrait photographer!

Create an archival print of your own photography using slides, chromes, photos, negatives, original artwork or a digital CD-R.
We spezialize in short to medium run, high quality, digital colour printing. In addition, we offer long run high speed digital prints. Our large format digital technology allow us to economically produce vivid colour and photo quality. In addition, all our exteriour visuals are printed using ulta-violet resistant ink. We provide direct printing from your digital file or assistance with any or all of your creative needs. We offer the highest quality large format print products available today.

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