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Much has been written about  Ruby Bute  though one cannot do justice to the creativeness that constantly emerges from this  painter,  writer, poet, teacher, storyteller and recitalist.    Ruby   Bute   embodies   all these titles.   For  over
thirty years Bute  has   produced paintings that documents  historical aspects
 of  St. Martin's life  and  culture.  Her strong images captures the joyousness
of carnival,  the serenity  of  old  homes and ancestral   landscapes.     Bute's 
"Tanny  and the Boys", with its bright  colors and  warm  expressive faces  of
these beloved musicians,   her   portrayal  of  children  playing,  hair braiding  
and  "Dem Ole Days" are all  testimony to her love and understanding of  the
heart and soul of St. Martin.
Unforgettable  are   Ruby Bute's  poems,  two   published   volumes,"Golden
Voices  of S'Maatin" and " Floral  Bouquets to  the  Daughters of Eve".  We
listen to Ruby's poems and readings  often  presented spontaneously   and  
in   special   recital  and  we  know  they are  truly  gifts  from  Ruby Bute   to
St. Martin.
Exhibitions of  Ruby  Bute's  paintings  are  regularly  held in  St. Martin,  in
Amsterdam  and other  cities  in  Holland,  Aruba,  Bonaire,  Curacao  and
Visit her studio where  you will  feel at  home  away  from home.   Sit in the
comfort  of  her  home,  enjoy her  recitals while sipping   her  home- made
Her works  are owned  by  collectors   in   St. Maarten,  the Caribbean and
the United States.
Yearly solo exhibitions are held at the
Nanette Bearden Fine Arts Gallery and at
Bute's  studio   in    Ebenezer    Estate,
W. R. Plantz Road #8,  South Reward
St. Maarten,    Netherlands   Antilles
Phone: 599-548-3080
                              by Dorothe Rohan Dow

"Tanny and the Boys"

"Marigot Market"

"Dancing Couple"

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